Arteezyme dairy

Arteezyme dairy products:
Dairy is one of the oldest food products in our life which have been produced for thousands of years. We have used a lot of enzymes in milk products such as cheeses, yogurts, and other products whiteout know them for so many years.
From the 20th century the production of the dairy industry changed dramatically and today one our most important part of cuisines are dairy products. Thank biotechnology which brought us a full range of products can improve quality, yield, flavor, taste, shelf life and consistency in the production of dairy products from farms to refrigerators. Arteen uses its technology to design very specific enzyme products for yogurts, cheeses, and other dairy products to improve better tastes, aroma, yield and shelf life.
Microbial rennet, lactases, phospholipases, transglutaminases and some organic preservatives like lysozymes are our non-GMO products which alongside our services bring you a list of advantages.
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