At Arteen our logo symbolizes movement, progress, and changes in the food industry. These values represent the focus of our capabilities in the design, development, and production of enzymes and other biological products in the food industry. Arteen knowledge base company efforts are continuing to achieve purposes of searching for new solutions and reply to needs at changing customer’s needs. We believe that the industrialization of science and the use of modern technologies will increase value for our clients and will help conserve resources and energy for future generations. We make every effort to use technology to improve the traditional production processes, and improve the quality of the final products will be produced by our clients. Evidence for this claim is launching the first and only biologic enzymes production line as a joint venture company with a Swiss company in Payam Special Economic Zone in Karaj, Iran.


We are using high tech for producing, standardizing, stabilizing and providing new enzymes for the food industry and our aim is always to develop classic enzymes production and offering non-GMO products to our valuable customers who serves billions of people around the world.