Arteezyme 400LP

Arteezyme Fresh
December 26, 2017
Use of Arteezyme enzymes in fruit-juice processing ( Part 1 )
February 7, 2018

Arteezyme 400LP, an exclusive and special, baking phospholipase, has positive, measurable effects on flour rheology.

Chopin Alveograph is a well-known and world-wide recognized, leading rheology equipment used in measuring flour strength and quality. The dough is sheet and inflated to a bubble and the maximum values of P (pressure) and L (extensibility) are recorded at rupture time. The value W (the area of the inflating curve) is a direct measure of flour strength (the higher the value the stronger the flour) and is positively correlated with bread volume (higher W->bigger volume)


1- Arteezyme 400LP is an active baking phospholipase that has positive effects on bread volume.

2- Arteezyme 400LP positive effects can be measured rheologically on well-known equipment like Chopin Alveograph

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