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Arteezyme 300GO – Application note – rheology
December 25, 2017
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January 3, 2018

Product concept:

Latest generation anti-staling enzymes, with no drawbacks and exceptional performances. Ultra concentrated.


Keep your bread soft as long as it is needed. Extend your product shelf-life, win market shares with the quality of your products.


Research & development work leads to complete understanding of staling and clever designing of the most powerful enzyme.

Keeping bread softness extend shelf-life and improves quality

Arteezyme 500NS is the newest enzymes with the most powerful anti-staling technology

Bread starts to stale immediately after it leaves the oven. Hardening of the crumb, reduction of elasticity and severe losses of pleasant eating qualities. All these factors are due to complex physic-chemical reactions taking place in the bread crumb. We now have a full understanding of the process and from this knowledge we have been able to develop the most advanced and powerful enzymatic solution to stop the staling process. Arteezyme 500NS is the result of the latest biotechnology advances in enzyme research: Arteezyme 500NS acts, during mixing and fermentation, on the wheat flour starch and converts it so hat the staling process would be inhibited. The great advantages of Arteezyme fresh are:

  • Extreme concentration: Arteezyme 500NS is the most active and most concentrated product on the market, today.
  • Complete de-activation at normal oven temperature: no overdosing risks and exceptional eating qualities
  • Exceptional softness and perfect elasticity of the bread crumb over the desired shelf life: no gumminess

Arteezyme 500NS is a very concentrated product but, also, a very easy product to use. It has positive, synergistic effects with other baking enzymes (xylanases, fungal amilases, etc) and it can be used, with positive ewith positive effects, in all yeast-based, baked goods.

Keeping bread soft over its shelf life has tremendous economical and marketing advantages. Using Arteezyme 500NS eating qualities will remain fresh and pleasant over a 10-12 days period and. As the graph above clearly shows, crumb softness, of a bread baked with Arteezyme 500NS,  at day 10 is, actually, better than the softness of the control bread 2 days after baking!. And the elasticity of the bread slice (see graph above) is even better! Using Arteezyme 500NS you can reduce stale breads returns, improve your marketing and distribution chain and increase your profits; product quality is improved and customers’ loyalty to your brand increased. The extremely high concentration of Arteezyme 500NS also means that the added cost will be very low; Arteezyme 500NS has been designed in a way that it can be freely used in all bread types, added, if needed, on the current improver recipe. Arteezyme 500NS has proven its ability to improve softness in all bread types, from tin breads to hamburger buns, from sandwich toast bread to special breads with high level of fat etc. Suggested dosage varies from 100 to 300 ppm, calculated on flour weight:  choose the highest dosage for longer shelf life or for extra softness but consider that results at 30 and 60 ppm are indeed very good.

Arteezyme 500NS is an anti-staling enzymes; it has no action on mold prevention. Fresh bread has a tendency to develop molds 3-4 days after baking. In order to keep the bread mold-free specific preservatives (natural or chemical) should be used. If you need help write to Arteen Chimi technical services and you will be guided in the process of manufacturing long-shelf life packaged bakery goods.

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