Arteezyme 800TG

Arteezyme 500NS
November 12, 2017
Arteezyme 300GO – Application note – rheology
December 25, 2017

Arteezyme 800TG is a unique and innovative non GMO enzyme which is from a classic strain that acts on the wheat gluten proteins reinforcing the intra-molecular and inter-molecular bonds. The nature of the enzymatic reactions promoted and catalyzed by Arteezyme TG are, although, completely different from that typical of oxidizing enzymes (like Arteezyme 300GO). Arteezyme TG catalyze the formation of strong covalent bonds cross-linking amino-acids residues and strengthening the gluten matrix. This is a different and alternative route to protein strengthening to the one possible trough oxidative enzymes (that promote the oxidation of free SH groups to S-S linkages). Working on different substrates and on different reactions, the two enzymes (TG and GO) might be used together and might exhibit strong synergistic action. Arteezyme TG is completely destroyed by normal oven temperatures.

Arteen can supply this product in different forms (liquid and powder) and concentration (120 to 7000TGU/g) as an oxygen stable enzyme or normal products.

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