Arteezyme 500NS

Arteezyme 200
November 11, 2017
Arteezyme 800TG
November 13, 2017

Arteen has a long tradition of excellence in addressing and resolving staling in baked goods. Arteen 500NS is Arteen anti-staling fungal amylase. Easiness of use, absence of draw backs and effective results are the distinctive properties of Arteezyme 500NS.

Staling is a sequence of chemical reactions that takes place in all leavened baked goods; crumb becomes harder as starch retrogrades, crystallizes and loose the typical appearance of fresh bread. Standard fungal amylase has not enough power to stop or slow down this process. Arteezyme 500NS is efficient in retarding the staling process and it is used in many applications, from fresh bread to extremely long life packaged traditional croissant or strudel.

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