Arteezyme 200

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November 10, 2017
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November 12, 2017

Arteezyme 200

Arteen manufactures a range of xylanases and hemicellulases for bakery applications. Xylanases have gained worldwide acceptance as fundamental enzymes in bakery due to their extremely important contribution to dough volume, crumb finesse, fermentation stability, tolerance and bread softness.

Xylanase or pentosanase or hemicellulase are a class of enzymes that act on a fraction of starch known as NSP or non-starch polysaccharides, mainly composed of pentosane and xylan.  Xylanases modify and degrade the NSP changing the interaction between hemicelluloses and gluten proteins. Addition of xylanases to flour and dough results in many benefits, the most important of them being volume increase, improvement in crumb evenness and finesse and improved dough gas. Xylanases positively affect the fermentation tolerance and stability of flour doughs and are very useful in retarded proving and frozen dough technology. The use of xylanases allows to obtain extra softness in bread and bakery products. Arteen manufactures a full range of xylanases to suit any user and application. The table below gives an overview of the available products and their main application area.








Product name Application
Arteezyme 200 P Bread improver manufacturing. All bread types.
Arteezyme 200 KR Bread improvers and premix manufacturing. Exceptional performance and dough stability.
Arteezyme 200 RX Improve flour extensibility, reduce p/l values. Improve dough mixing. Useful in flour milling and in baking/pizza processing.

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