Arteezyme 100GA

Arteezyme 100AL
November 7, 2017
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November 11, 2017

Arteezyme 100GA

Arteezyme 100GA is a highly concentrated amyloglucosidase or glucoamylase derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus.

Glucoamylase (1,4-a-glucan glucohydrolase), like Arteezyme 100GA removes glucose units from starch chains.

Arteezyme 100GA is highly water soluble and very stable in dry and cool conditions.

Arteezyme 100GA has many applications in bakery the most important of which are:

Increased availability of glucose in the dough/bread promotes Maillard reactions and improves crust color, bread flavor and appearance.

Addition of Arteezyme 100GA improves initial softness and perceived freshness of bread crumb.

Arteezyme 100GA is extremely important in frozen dough and frozen part baked goods to improve quality and reduce damages due to freezing conditions and storage.

Arteezyme 100GA, however, is NOT a substitute for alpha-amylase and should be used together with standard alpha-amylase.

application effects
Flour milling improve initial softness, increase crumb tenderness
bread baking-color improve crust bread color, increase Millard-type reactions
bread baking- baguettes improve crust structure, color, better crumb structure, better overall quality
frozen dough reduce crust separation, reduce blistering, improve crust color
frozen part baked bakery improve product appearance, crust color, reduce crust separation


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