Food Enzaymes by Arteen CHIMI


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Arteen CHIMI the leader in designing and production of food enzaymes in IRAN

At Arteen our logo symbolizes movement, progress, and changes in the food industry.

These values represent the focus of our capabilities in the design, development, and production of enzymes and other biological products in the food industry. Arteen knowledge base company efforts are continuing to achieve purposes of searching for new solutions and reply to needs at changing customer’s needs.

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Why choosing Arteen CHIMI?

We will serve you by selecting the most appropriate food application of our enzymes focusing on the following three principles on a basis of a 360degree strategy and new methods.

February 7, 2018

Use of Arteezyme enzymes in fruit-juice processing ( Part 1 )

General information about enzymes What is an enzyme?        An enzyme is not a chemical but a  BIOCATALYST. This is not a chemical but a NATURAL […]
January 3, 2018

Arteezyme 400LP

Arteezyme 400LP, an exclusive and special, baking phospholipase, has positive, measurable effects on flour rheology. Chopin Alveograph is a well-known and world-wide recognized, leading rheology equipment […]


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